Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Award Offer

We are delighted to offer your child an opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award over the next 12 months. The award is open to all Year 10 students.

As a school we value the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme highly as it takes students into a place where they will push themselves and have some amazing new experiences. Participation helps to build confidence, resilience, skills and friendships, and students have a fun time along the way. It can also give students the added benefit of gaining a competitive edge, as employers regard a DofE Award highly and it has been known to open doors of opportunity for many. The skills that are gained can be applied to everyday life as well as strongly supporting personal and social development. There are four sections that must be completed; Volunteering, Physical Activity, Skill and Expedition. Further information about the award can be obtained from the Duke of Edinburgh Award website

We are determined that young people shouldn’t miss out on doing their DofE because of the coronavirus outbreak. We want to do everything we can to support those completing the award, at what we know is a challenging time. During the pandemic, there needs to be flexibility for the volunteering, physical and skills element to be safely completed. Participants can now volunteer for family members, for example, by mentoring or coaching younger siblings. There is also an awareness that, when normal life returns and social distancing limitations are lifted, participants can change from an activity they started from home to one in the community. Considering how and when expeditions can resume, as a centre we will follow the government guidance and give more details before commencement from March onwards.

For those that register for DofE, we will be providing instruction on how to access and use the online eDofE system. This will also include information and advice about setting up and completing their physical, skills and volunteering sections. After Christmas we will be working on a way to complete the training sessions on First Aid, Navigation and Camp-craft. It is a requirement of the DofE scheme that participants are adequately trained and committed to completing the award. There will be an expectation to commit some time outside of the school day to working on their award.

The approximate costs involved are outlined below. Some support with funding may be available.

  • Registration £32
  • Training (including First Aid) £45
  • Practice Expedition £35
  • Qualifying Expedition £45
  • Refundable equipment deposit £20

If you wish to register your child for the DofE Bronze Award please use the following link to complete the form and make payment of the £32 registration fee by Friday, 11 December 2020. If you prefer to make a cash payment, please use the slip at the bottom of this letter and return by the same date.

If you have more questions before enrolling then please don’t hesitate to email

Yours sincerely
Mrs Sproat
(Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Coordinator)

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze offer 2020 (pdf)


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