Year 11 Mock Examinations

Dear Parents and Students

I would like to say a great big thank you from the Year 11 team to all of the students who have worked so hard in this week’s mock exams.

The exams have gone very smoothly under the most exceptional circumstances. The standard of behaviour and engagement has been very high and I am pleased that our students have kept their good humour and positive attitude throughout the week.

The October mocks have given teaching staff an opportunity to find out where the gaps in learning might be and provide an insight into the priorities for the coming months. They have also allowed students the chance to practise revision techniques and experience working under exam conditions. Above all, if there is disruption to next year’s summer exams, we have written evidence of each student’s attainment at this stage in the year.

It has been a long half term and I know everyone is very tired. I would like Year 11 students to take a break over the holiday and to enjoy time –within the limits of Covid restrictions – with friends and family. When we come back in November, there will be feedback from the exams to consider, new skills and knowledge to learn and a further focus on revision techniques. All of that requires energy – so make sure you have good rest and recharge your batteries over the coming week.

As usual, the year group team – Mrs Jones, Mr Tidmarsh and Ms Ledger – are available for support if you are feeling the strain. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need advice, support or reassurance.

Take care, enjoy your time off and we will see you in November.

Yours sincerely
Ms Ledger (Director of Learning – Year 11)

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