Year 11 Mock Exams

Earlier this term, in October, all of Year 11 took part in a series of Mini Mocks. The main period of Mock Exams had been scheduled for the last two weeks in January 2021 to follow up on the Mini Mocks.

On Thursday, 3 December the Secretary of State, Gavin Williamson, announced that further measures were being taken to mitigate against the disruption that students have faced over the last nine months. We know in school just how variable the effect of Covid-19 self-isolation has been on the students. The vast majority of Year 11 have had no disruption since September while, for a very small number of students, some have lost up to five weeks of in-school work to remote learning.

Following the announcement, we know that there will now be changes to individual papers and each course. These changes will be announced before the end of January 2021 and will include the provision of formula sheets and some elements of pre-release topics on papers. The exact nature of the changes are presently unknown and could change quite considerably the format of some papers and what students need to revise.

We have therefore taken the decision to delay the Year 11 Mock Exams by three weeks. This is the time frame that the main GCSE exams have been delayed by nationally in the summer. The Year 11 students will therefore do their Mock Exams in the two weeks that sit either side of the February half-term holiday:

  • Week 1 – 8-12 February
  • Week 2 – 22-26 February

This gives us time to see what changes are made by the exam boards, and to make sure the exams best replicate the conditions the students will face in the summer. It will also ensure that the papers can be as complete as possible, as we will have completed the syllabus coverage in the majority of subjects.

Clearly, the external BTEC exams scheduled to take place in January and February will go ahead as planned, and the students have been advised of the relevant dates of these.

Yours sincerely

Chris McAree, Headteacher
Sarah Ledger, Director of Learning

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