House Hockey Heroes

Staff teams battled it out in a House Team Hockey match during Break 2 today. Here’s the match report written by Year 12 students, Ewan Simpson and Ahmet Cengiz:

During Wednesday break time, teachers from WHS competed in a House hockey match. The joint teams consisted of Baobab and Ndizi, and Acacia and Mpingo. The game was well attended by students and staff who filled the side-lines supporting their House team. Both teams played a friendly but competitive game.

It was a hard-fought game with little in it early on, neither side seemed to dominate the first 10 minutes. Baobab and Ndizi started to take control of the game but failed to capitalise on their chances with Mr Davies missing a few good opportunities. Acacia and Mpingo also threatened the opposition’s goal.  Acacia and Mpingo did look to have the majority of possession for a good proportion of the game. However, there were some moments of individual brilliance such as Miss Pigdon dribbling through half of the Acacia and Mpingo team stunning the onlooking crowds; or possibly Mrs Mothersdale’s superb save to deny Mr Davies a goal.

The deadlock was finally broken with a great finish from Mr Green. This was the only goal of the game, much to the other team’s dismay. Mr Davies kicked things off by passing to Miss Pigdon before there was a stoppage in play due to the ball splitting in half after a powerful swing from Miss Pigdon. Play resumed when the new ball was brought onto the pitch. Although Baobab and Ndizi began to dominate the game, they couldn’t break down the excellent defence of Acacia and Mpingo.

The game finished 1-0 to Acacia and Mpingo and was a very entertaining affair. Congratulations to all teachers involved, who put on a very good show and brought together the school community.

Acacia and Mpingo Team: Mrs Beaumont (c), Miss Inglesfield, Mrs Mothersdale, Mrs Green, Mr Ling, Mr Green, Miss Serrechia, Mrs Meakin, Mr Tidmarsh, Ms Birks (pictured below)
Baobab and Ndizi Team: Miss Pigdon (c), Mrs Tait, Mrs Nettleton, Mrs Neilson, Mr Connolly, Mr Davies, Mr Anderson, Mrs Hindley, Miss McKenna, Mrs Ling

Miss Serrechia showed off her special goal keeping tactics:




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